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Laguna Montell Ranch Cleanup

We recently finished a cleanup job at Laguna Montell Ranch.  Here are the before photos.  Scroll down for the after photos.  (By the way, this ranch is for sale by Solid Rock Real Estate in Camp Wood.)

Okay, here are the photos at the completion of the job.

4 Responses to Laguna Montell Ranch Cleanup

  1. Good job, Jess and Maria!

  2. Looks great!

  3. Jess & Maria -

    Thank you so much for weathering the storm and getting this great job completed on our listing. You have the dogged determination and honesty to complete a job and do it right in spite of difficult circumstances. Thank you both very much.

  4. Avatar Joe A. Knight Jr.
    Joe A. Knight Jr. says:

    The Laguna Montell Ranch project was contracted by me with Can-Do-Construction in an effort to improve the marketing appeal of this pristine property.
    Hats off to Jess, his family, and fine company.
    They did a job and it was done right! We will do business again, and I recommend his company to anyone needing fair and excellent service.
    Thank you Jess!

    J. A. Knight Jr./
    division owner