4 Responses to Laguna Montell Ranch Cleanup

  1. Good job, Jess and Maria!

  2. Looks great!

  3. Jess & Maria –

    Thank you so much for weathering the storm and getting this great job completed on our listing. You have the dogged determination and honesty to complete a job and do it right in spite of difficult circumstances. Thank you both very much.

  4. Avatar Joe A. Knight Jr.
    Joe A. Knight Jr. says:

    The Laguna Montell Ranch project was contracted by me with Can-Do-Construction in an effort to improve the marketing appeal of this pristine property.
    Hats off to Jess, his family, and fine company.
    They did a job and it was done right! We will do business again, and I recommend his company to anyone needing fair and excellent service.
    Thank you Jess!

    J. A. Knight Jr./
    division owner