Dozer work / Fencing / Heavy Equipment Mechanic / Welding / Ranch Cleanup / Firewood / Custom Livestock Services

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Call 830-374-6384

We’re here to help.  That’s why we’re here.  So, if you need some help, call us!

Jess Baxter ….. 830-374-6384
Maria Vega Baxter ….. 830-694-2642
Chris Cable ….. 830-275-3985
Brenda McCurdy Cable ….. 830-279-8331

CAN-DO Construction
23933 State Highway 55
Uvalde, Texas 78801

Located just 25 miles north of Uvalde and 13 miles south of Camp Wood, we are very close to Montell, Texas, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.


We also receive texts at the numbers above, if you prefer.  If you text Chris, though, be aware that he doesn’t really text back, but he usually does read it.  :)


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